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For Successful Startup Investments

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Improve your decisions by adding people metrics to the data you collect.

If you’re a startup investor, you’ve come to understand, possibly the hard way, that identifying the right founders is crucial for establishing a thriving startup. Whatever the context, character always matters.

Start using people metrics. Your intuition is not good enough.  

TraitFounder: Founder Personality Assessments for Startup Investors

Having years of experience in the field of psychometrics and personality assessments — as well as in the realm of startups and startuppers — we know that the personal profiles of founders are the key to identifying the next wave of successful fledgling companies.  The discussion is a trend as well: is there a personality profile that can manage the critical start-up  milestones best?

 In fact, we know, firsthand, that startup founders with the right blend of personality traits are more likely to exhibit resilience, adaptability, and visionary thinking. Don’t just take our word for it; this claim is supported by independent academic research

That’s why we’ve built TraitFounder

TraitFounder is a groundbreaking platform that helps investors assess the personality traits of founders, providing insights into the potential success of a startup.

How does TraitFounder do this?

Our framework explores a key competency model for start-up founders, such as building teams, handling challenges, exhibiting adaptability in learning, and showcasing people skills, among others, as identified across empirical studies and in real-world settings.

What can you do with TraitFounder?

By leveraging this comprehensive analysis, you can make informed decisions about your future investments. With TraitFounder, you can identify the founders who possess the qualities necessary to navigate challenges, inspire teams, and propel startups to extraordinary achievements!

Discover the hidden gems in the sea of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Minimize the risk associated with dark personality traits (e.g., Narcissism).

Invest in founders that can bring you the results you want.

Build strong partnerships with people who align with your vision and values.

Learn effective methods to help founders grow and further develop their skills.

Build close-knit teams who can work well and effectively together.

Make informed startup investments with TraitFounder

Don’t rely on guesswork and gut feelings, anymore. Delve into the untapped potential of founder personalities and secure a leading edge in the ever-evolving realm of startups.

Simple • Scientific • Specialized • Secure